R & D and Service

1.Cryogenic reaction technology(-100℃)

We proficiently acquire cryogenic reaction technology in commercial production.The typical application is using magnesium or lithium reagents under inert atmosphere to get series of organic boronic acids, aldehydes, acids, etc.

2.Grignard reaction
In the process of preparing Grignard reagent, the reactivity of different reactants varies, appropriate reaction conditions should be matched. We know the key influential factors, and could prepare high-quality Grignard reagents and get high-yield products.

3.Suzuki Coupling reaction
We have rich experience in Suzuki coupling of aromatic boronic acids and halides, like catalytic efficiency, reaction conversion, control of impurities, etc.

4.Flow Chemistry Technology
Comparing with batch reaction, flow chemistry has salient features such as swift heat and mass transfer, controllable reaction residence time and none amplification effect. These features are advantageous in increasing reaction conversion, improving process stability and safety. We are applying this technology in lab and commercial projects.

5.Technology of producing polymerisable compounds
Due to its instability, polymerisable compounds are easily deteriorate during production, transportation and storage, its producing method is a big technical challenge, we master such technology to synthesize stable and high-purity compounds.

6.Other classic organic reactions